Dr. Jorge Nowalski, President and Academic Director. Jorge Nowalski is the President and Academic Director of the International Center for Development Studies (ICDS), and also chairs the Foundation for Sustainability and Equity (ALIARSE), organizations based in San José, Costa Rica and involved in the fostering of international education and of public-private partnerships for development, respectively.  Dr. Nowalski holds a Ph.D. in Labor Issues and Social Security from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) as well as a Masters degree in Social Planning in Developing Countries and a Masters degree in Industrial Relations, both from LSE.   Besides directing ICDS and ALIARSE, Dr. Nowalski has also been a consultant for international organizations such as, ILO, UNDP, OAS, Inter-American Development Bank, as well as author and coauthor of books and articles on topics such as trade and poverty, labor issues, social security, trade unions, and human development. At ICDS Dr. Nowalski oversees all international academic programs with the cooperation of the program academic coordinators.  
Bernardita Rodriguez, Study Abroad Program Manager. Bernardita has worked since the year 2000 as the international programs manager. She received her MBA from the University of South Alabama. During her time in the United States, she worked extensively with international students and she loves to meet and work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Before joining ICDS, she worked at CIDH and at Citibank, Costa Rica. Bernardita oversees the planning and development of our study abroad programs to ensure that our students’ academic and personal experiences in Costa Rica are the best possible.  

Karen Barboza, the ICDS Administrative Assistant, is in charge of logistics and is the first person you see when visiting ICDS’ headquarters.

Shes’ also the person in charge of arranging everything related to the students’ transcripts from the collection of grades reports to mailing the documents to home universities, booking classrooms for classes, arranging medical appointments and keeping delivery, collection of inventories. Besides, she’s an advocate for individuality and respect of points of you; bookworm and lover of all expressions of art, especially Metal music, tattoes, Japanese anime and manga, drawing and singing.

Naya Aguirre, Study Abroad Program Assistant & International Liaison. Naya studied at the University of Costa Rica, getting a B.S in English with emphasis in English Literature. She has worked as an English teacher, working with children, teenagers and adults in different learning institutes. Naya is currently working at ICDS as the Study Abroad Program Assistant & International Liaison and helps to guide students through the application process and works with them while they are in San José.    
Alejandra Morales, Service Learning Coordinator ICDS . Ale studied Political Sciences at Universidad de Costa Rica. She is in charge of ICDS’ internship and volunteer opportunities, keeping in contact with affiliate organizations on a regular basis.  
Nasdia Carmiol, ICDS Program Counselor.  Nasdia Carmiol is a licensed psychologist. Her work at ICDS involves support in the adaptation and integration process of the students to the culture, their host families and the community where they do their community work. She supports the ICDS team on the academic / cultural activities designed to enhance the cultural immersion in Costa Rica. She also conducts student counseling sessions, when students request them or when they have a particular situation that need support. Apart from his work at ICDS Nasdia is a clinical psychologist, a university professor and also volunteers with governmental and non-governmental organizations, in topics as Children and Adolescent human rights and Suicide Prevention.  
Nuria Vargas ICDS Homestay CoordinatorWith her ample experience in screening and selecting local families to host ICDS’ program participants in accordance with ICDS’ strict requirements, Ms. Vargas is in charge of placing the students in suitable homestays and following up on the family-student relationship throughout the program, to further ensure  the students’ well-being and the high quality of the experience for both the host families and ICDS program participants.