Institutional Policies

Financial Policies


Full payment for the total cost specified for each program for tuition, fees, and program services is due prior to the start of the program, on the date indicated in advance by ICDS (usually four weeks before the date stated as the beginning of the program, i.e., the date the students arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica).

Payment for students attending ICDS as part of an institutional agreement with their home universities will be handled directly by the corresponding university’s study abroad office or designated officer.

Students attending ICDS independently from their home university should pay ICDS directly.

ICDS will send an invoice and payment instructions at least four weeks in advance of the payment’s due date.  All payments should be made by electronic fund transfer to the account indicated by ICDS.

Initial Deposit (Independent students & Customized programs)

An initial non-refundable deposit of $500 per person –according to the minimum number of participants as agreed upon by the parties– should be paid to ICDS two months before the program’s beginning.  The amount of this deposit will be deducted from the final invoice.

In the event that a full program cancellation takes place two months prior to the start of the program (students’ arrival date) a cancellation fee of $500 per the minimum number of participants agreed upon by the parties will be applied and the deposit will not be refunded.


The International Center for Development Studies (ICDS) will apply the following fee and refund policy in case of cancellations:

In the event of a student’s withdrawal from the program after having been accepted and up to one month before the beginning of the program, a cancellation fee of US$500 will be charged to compensate for the administrative cost.

If the cancellation takes place within one month before the start of the program, the cancellation fee will be US$1,000, plus any expenses already incurred on the withdrawing student’s behalf (one-month of housing, orientation, campus facilities/services fee).

In the cases of deferral of a student’s participation for a future period, the payments that have been already made, except for the corresponding cancellation fee,  will be applied towards that period, the student being responsible for any cost differences.



In cases of student withdrawal from the program during the first month of the program’s duration and for reasons that can be demonstrated and which are beyond ICDS’s and the student’s control, ICDS will refund 50% of the moneys not yet spent.

There will be no refund after the first month of the program.


Academic Policies


In the event that a student terminates his/her participation in ICDS’ programs at any time prior to the official program end date of his/her  own free will and for reasons that are not proven to be of an emergency nature, the student must  understand that the International Center for Development Studies and Universidad Latina de Costa Rica are no longer responsible for him/her in any sense, and that the International Center for Development Studies is not under any obligation to facilitate completion of the coursework of the program remotely from other locations, nor to  grant the corresponding credits to be granted only for on-site completion of the program.

Spanish placement test

At the beginning of the program, all students will be given a Spanish placement test to determine their level of proficiency and the Spanish language course section into which they will be placed.  The placement test contains both a written and oral element and is used solely for placement purposes (i.e. it will not count towards students’ grades).


Within a month of the end of each semester, ICDS and ULatina will issue an official grade certification for each student, stating the courses taken, the grades obtained –both in the numerical and letter system—and the credits recommended by each class.  The document will be sent by postal and electronic mail to the person or office at the students’ home universities, as indicated by each student in advance.  (If a student’s grades are needed before a month after the end of the program, ICDS will try to rush the process upon previous written request by the student or his/her home university).


Attendance represents a significant percentage of final grades in all courses because of their participatory nature. In addition to class sessions, attendance at the program’s complementary activities, each course site visits, and the main program field trip is mandatory.  Unexcused absences will have a negative effect on students’ grades.

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