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Experiential Education

Experiential Learning magazine, detailing service-learning, community work, and internship/co-op opportunities available through ICDS.

ICDS promotes experiential and service-learning in Costa Rica. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of fields pertaining to sustainable human development in Latin America. ICDS provides a scope of experiential and service-learning opportunities as complement to its academic programs. As part of its study abroad programs, ICDS offers students:

  • The opportunity to complement their studies through service-learning and community work.
  • Internship and research possibilities for students who want to stay after the academic program, or who want to come to Costa Rica for a semester or summer to intern.


Service-learning and volunteering are integral aspects of ICDS’ programs, and our main goal is to prepare students to become engaged global citizens. In addition, service-learning and internships provides ICDS students with the opportunity to improve their Spanish skills, to be involved with leading practitioners in the field, and to contribute to the efforts for sustainable human development in Costa Rica.

Placements in service-learning sites, research internships, and work co-ops are determined based on students’ interest, language proficiency, and research skills and experience, as well as the host institution’s needs.

Service-Learning: Painting a Mural from ICDS on Vimeo.


Community Work Opportunities with ICDS! from ICDS on Vimeo.

To apply to ICDS´ community service programs, please complete ICDS Volunteer, Internships and Co-op application form

For more information on community work and internship opportunities through ICDS, please e-mail studyabroad@icds.ac.cr