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Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Check out our Experiential Learning Magazine! ICDS’ experiential learning options in the form of practical complementary activities offer a unique opportunity to put classroom learning into practice, strengthen Spanish skills, and acquire further cultural knowledge.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Fall Semester: Early Sept – Late Nov
Spring Semester: Late Jan – Mid April
Spring Quarter: Mid March – Early June
Summer term: Various options within May and July

Applications Deadlines

Applications Deadlines


Spring Quarter: January 30 Accepting Late Applications 2016
Fall Semester: April 22
Summer: April 22
Spring Semester: December 1st



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Welcome to ICDS

Take advantage of Development Studies in Latin America: An Interdisciplinary Program, our semester program which allows you to build your own program according to your interests and academic needs.


Studying and living abroad in Costa Rica is an       exciting and rewarding experience. Coming here will be invaluable to your professional and academic future, especially because you will have chosen to study in a developing country. Costa Rica is in Central America, a region that faces major challenges for sustainable human development, democracy, and human rights.

Take advantage of the many academic and cultural opportunities that await you here in Costa Rica and at ICDS!  These opportunities serve as starting points for any number of future majors, jobs, careers, and life-long passions, as has been the case for many of our former students. We look forward to working with you and facilitate your international experience in Costa Rica. Our goal is to make your experience in Costa Rica as enjoyable and rewarding as possible





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